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Chesswood Junior School

Chesswood Junior School


Chesswood Junior School are proud to open up our facilities to the local community to create spaces for learning, sports and special events across the year.

We currently host various sporting events, fitness sessions and meetings for community groups.

We have a wide range of rooms available offer a variety of options and give us the ability to meet your hiring needs and requirements. This could range from small training sessions to full scale performance events.

We have the following spaces available for hire:

Main School Hall

Seating for 200 people

Projector, Sound System (1000 watts, mixing desk, microphones), lighting rig

Small School Hall

Seating for 150 people

Large Interactive screen, Sound System (1000 watts, mixing desk, microphones)

Conference Room

Seating for 30 people, conference table, large TV screen, access to small kitchen, hot water and microwaves

DT Room

A compact multi use room suited for various activities. The room can be setup with 12 small ovens, hobs, soup makers, slow cookers with full cooking preparation equipment. The room also has 2 sinks, microwaves, a freezer and fridge for storing food.

2 sink halos provide washing up facilities

The worktops can also be cleared for other DT activities like sewing or art.


Multiuse rooms for all different uses. Can be setup with a full site of tables and chairs for 30 children or adults. The room can also be cleared out to give an open carpeted space.

All classrooms have a 75inch touchscreen tv connected to a computer or you can bring your own devices to connect to the board.

Rooms also have a small cold water sink and access to the outside playgrounds via the external door.


Our main playground is a flat open space with basketball courts, netball courts, marked squares. Can be used for a variety of applications. Outdoor power and water is available.

School Field

3km2 school field with running track markings in summer and football pitches in winter. Outdoor power and water is available.

Please see the following document for more details including current hire rates. If you wish to enquire about a booking please email the school office at

Please state the dates, times, rooms and any a brief description of the type of activity taking place. We will then confirm the charges and any other restrictions or information.

Once you receive this we will ask you to agree to the hire terms and fill out the form below. Once the school have this and it is sent back to you only then your hire will be confirmed.